District 9 review *Spoilers. You have been Warned.*

We not alone anymore...

We not alone anymore...

Today I watched the long awaited movie District 9. At first glance at the movie you may think that it’s a documentary about a ongoing war in Africa, up til the part where you see an alien-crustacean person being interrogated or the Giant alien space ship over the city of Johannesburg. The story is something that I’ve seen before, but it’s almost entirely new way of story telling. The entire movie looking like a Documentary that follows MNU and a newly promoted employee Wilkus Van De Merwe, but the recording stops when Wilkus goes home. Wilkus is Married to his bosses daughter Tania. When asked about Wilkus his wife says that he is a kind man and would never betray anybody, he’s a sweetheart. And during his interview you can tell that Wilkus is a nice and goofy kind of guy. While on his job to get some of the prawn to sign a paper for their evictions to District 10 things go crazy. You will see the living habits of the Prawn; the aliens. The inhabitants that live around District 9 are becoming tired and aggravated about the aliens and you will see from news bulletins and clips that a war almost started. But a gang takes the aliens for fools and use them as ways to get money and a way to get weapons. That and human prostitution (yeah the gang sells women are whores for the Prawn…what the fuck?).

As we follow Wilkus on his job we meet Christopher, a Prawn scientist or engineer. Christopher, his son and his buddy are rummaging through garbage when the stumble upon a container of sorts and it contains “The Fluid” which is both a mutagen and fuel for the hidden Control Module. Then you get a chance to see some cool alien lab made by everyday appliance. Right when Christopher places the fluid in a sliver canister Wilkus interrupts Christopher and company, so Christopher asks his bud to hide “The Fluid” some where. That some where being a dilapidated toolbox. When Christopher tells his bud to answer the door and be polite. When the prawn answers the door and is asked to sign a paper agreeing that he’s going with the eviction an to be sent to District 10. Wilkus then goes inside the house and starts to go through everything, then he finds the silver canister and gets sprayed with the fluid. He wipes it off then goes around the hous to find alot of alien weapons which is when Christopher’s bud goes apeshit and throws Wilkus which breaks his arm and his sercurity guard into the side of the house. Then a miliatry “cowboy” (which Wilkus says when he’s promoted) comes over and ends Christopher’s friend’s life with a bullet. Wilkus gets back on his feet by a trainee that was with him.

As the movie goes on you’ll see Wilkus becomes sick and passes out at his house during his promotion party. While in a hospital the cast comes off Wilkus’s arm and his hand is like those of the Prawn. Soon his apprehended by MNU and is tested on by them. The alien weapons can only be used by the aliens because of thier genetic code and since Wilkus’s genes are changing, he is used to shoot the weapons and all targets are pigs, but the last one is a Prawn. He escapes by breaking free of his restrains before his heart was cut out. Then the movie begins to become more gorey and awesome.

When I was watching the movie I really got into it and every character that you encounter is just so lively and you feel like these are really people and they are alive. The way the characters were made were magnificent. Wilkus did seem like a lovable character and so did all of the Prawn. The CG was spectacular and something that not many movies can replicate. The location and build up of the story was great and the jokes are funny. There’s a part where Wilkus is in a Bio-suit and and uses his gravity gun to pick up a pig and shoots it at solider. The movie is just beautiful and it’s like many of Peter Jackson films, it’s wonderful and Neil Blomkamp’s original film that was the precursor to District 9; Alive in Joburg.

I have to say the whole movie is a masterpeice that only happens once in a few years. If your not going into the movie with an open mind then I guess you can’t really feel the greatness of the movie. I went in with an open mind and thought of the possibilies that came with the movie and the movie didn’t fail me. Infact I think this movie might be my number one movie replacement. The hype for this movie is far from what past movies have done, look around some cities and you’ll see posters stating that if your non-human then GTFO, theres a website and even a telephone number that you can call. If you hate alien movies then yeah dont see this movie. But if you want to see something out of the ordinary and better than everything else in theaters then deffinitaly see District 9. I give District 9: 5 zoidburgs out of 5.


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