Fable the 3rd

I guess when your queen and your a bitch rosters become more important than humanity.

I guess when your queen and your a bitch, rosters become more important than humanity.

Three days ago Fable 2 has a sequel. Fable 3 was announced at Gamecom. If you finished Fable 2and bought Fairfax castle you’ll see that you can be called mayor or king (me forget) and then everybody will call you king or mayor. Then if you bought the See the Future DLC and finished it you will see that your able to rule all of the land a.k.a Albion. From what I know you don’t immediately get to be king/queen. A half-hour or so into the game you get to be king/queen.Game play will still be the same action packed game as it was three games before…wait wtf? Yes there has been three total game before Fable 3. Fable, Fable: Lost Chapters and then the almighty Fable 2. Lost chapters was basically Fable with dlc all in one.

I have a question which of the games is being worked the most over there in Lionhead studios? Is it Milo thats getting all of the attention or is Fable 3 thats the attention hog. For those who aren’t game savue, Milo is a game for the totally kick-ass Project Natal. Project Natal is a totally new of playing game, it takes your body and then copies for total control of the game. Also will Fable 3 being Natal possible? Lionheads have promised alot for Fable and Fable 2, but will those promises be summed up in the newest Fable. Fable was one The greatest games on xbox. Fable 2 was an achievement on the 360 and hopefully so will Fable 3 if everything goes to plan for Lionhead.


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