Batman:Arkham Asylum Review

Which one farted?

Who farted?

I back! Yes I am back from a short break and I bring you today the review of a very excellent game. Through out the comic community comic based games have suffered from bad reviews and utter shit gameplay and in total everything the game was made of. Yet games that are based on comics that have their own story and that of which are nott a general copy of the comic issue turn out to be good or decent game.

To celebrate the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum I played comic book games and the only one I found that didn’t have a story that’s not a copy of the book that was made first. The only games I could find was Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Spiderman: Web of Shadows…if you have any then tell me.  But for this review let’s just say that Marvel can go fuck itself and let’s give DC the respect it deserves. Because they have a great game in it’s mitts and the underdogs of the gaming community, Edios and Rocksteady. Have given birth to THE only great Comic Book Video Game EVER!

Batman: Arkham Asylum was released on the 25th and I beat it in only a few hours (I feel sick, but worth it). The story is a completely new story, not an old not a rip off of a comic, but a new story. The joker has been busy planning on how to take over Gotham’s famous nut house The Arkham Asylum and the Arkham Mansion. He arranges his goons to be transferred from another prison to Arkham, Harley Quinn, Bane, Zsasz, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc and Scarecrow have been cooped up in the madhouse for too long and when The Joker gave the signal Harley flipped the switch that traps Batman in Arkham with all (or most) of his worst enemies and now the only way to get to The Joker is to through every lethal, crazed and fearful villains that Batman has put away. Batman has to go through all of his fears, use all his smarts to figure out all of The Riddler’s riddles and to fight a path to stop The Joker from blowing up the island and unleashing hell into Gotham.

When I played the demo I thought that it was really good with the graphics, gameplay, free-flow combat and gadgets and shit that Batman does to take goons down. But when I bought the game I was about to jizz in my pants. The developers for this game worked really really hard on this game and polished the hell out of it to attain it’s beauty. The gameplay does have some parts where you just want to kill a baby seal, but you’ll get over it since the free-flow combat is just god damn awesome and you don’t miss your target infact you rip your enemies a new ass. There’s counter-attacking, stunning and striking. Certain foes you’re going have to use a stun strike unless you like not getting comboes, being stabbed or being shocked with a baton, well you can just jump over them then get them from behind. The gadgets you use are  fun and mostly effective against your enemies, but sometimes, cqc isn’t everything you can stalk your prey by setting traps, silent take downs and glide kicks to your enemy’s face. You get a bat-a-rang, bat-hook, explosive gel and a zip line. Most can be upgraded for new weapons like a remote control bat-a-rang (badass) or the ultra bat-hook.

Whence you beat the game you’ll unlock the armored batsuit and when you do certain parts, find Riddler trophies or solve riddles you can unlock challenges which by then you can only use the new suit. The story was made by Bruce Timm, the creator of Batman: animated series. This game is truly something wonderful and I think this game deserves to be a Game-of-the-year contestant. The game has all of Batman villains and many secrets to the past of Batman and even the Arkham building.

At first when playing you don’t get everything, but you can back track to the parts in which you needed a certain gadget. The game is very open and gives you alot of good treats. You’ll find interview tapes of the main villains and the game is full of content and just greatness. I only bought the Xbox360 version, not the ps3 version. So I don’t know much about the joker challenge maps I only have the Scarecrow challenge map which is stupid, but fun. In it you can’t be hit or else you fail and you have alot of skeletons on your ass after every level. My favorite parts of the game is all parts that feature Scarecrow and the total mind trip he gives you. The character designs are just wickedly awesome and it’s great to hear the old cast playing their roles as they’re villians. I do miss the Scarecrow’s old voice though. I give Batman: Arkaham Asylum 5 mental fear trips out of 5…




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