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News about the blog

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Since school is such a bitch and its keeping me busy with work, I have decided to only update on Fridays. Now dont hold it agaisnt me if I cant update that Friday, but sometime that weekend the post will be put up. Also Xbox reviews might be held up due to a little glitch call The Red Ring of Death!!!

But My buddy has a 360 so I can play up my games whenever he’s not playing. I plan to do Darksiders review soon. Heres a hint Simply badass. But until the fuckers at microsoft or until I have to order a damn box, I have to play with my ps3 and little big planet, and killzone, both make me want to bash my head into the keyboard. Another issue of Movies I’ve just seen is coming up, the movie will be Black Sheep (not the Chris Farley one, the one with the weresheep). Until then.

What a bunch of phonies-Holden Caulfield (Catcher in the Rye)


wrong vampire

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wrong vampire

As I was scrolling through best buy I stumbled upon the many great vampire movies that have been made. Then I see twilight. I wanted to laugh if i weren’t so baffled by this undescribable anger over the fact that twilight is in the horror section. I got more and more anger as the thought that what vampire started from are now becoming these not so threating man-ginas. Google image Nosferatu. That’s what vampires should be like, scary as hell. Not loving and other stupid shit. Also, bestbuy has a good sense of humor, they also had the hills in the horror section.

First comic evar!

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Honestly if it wasnt for photoshop I could have never really done this. I know that I actually could have done this quicker and better in illistrator, but the whole photoshop 30 day trail thing was really nice and I might as well us up the days I’ve got left with it. Also, I love both of my consles very much, it’s just my wii I fuckin hate. I just need to do¬† something really quick and to see if it will work on this blog. And to my surprise it does! Expect more comics. F.Y.I the ps3 is crying because I am playing my xbox instead of it.

Good news! For me….and possibly the blog

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If you’ve been reading along with my blog then you’ll notice that the headline is and always has been “Insanity Welcomed!” but my entire blog has been about movies, video games, comic book all that nerd shit, well on my birthday 25th of Oct. I will be recieving a video camera. I have always been wanting to gain a video camera so that I can express the director side of me. Now back to the headline. I had a thought today. I should do interviews with people in an asylum, people who are batshit insane, now of course this will be acted out and not with real crazys that’d be silly and dangerous. Its just a thought about what I can do with a video camera and hopefully some good actors A.K.A. my friends who are willing to help act. Not saying much on the title I mean if you the reader have an idea for it then please tell me. I hope that I can get most of my friends to act out what I plan, that I means I have to write a script…crap.