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Blast from the not so long gamer past: Hellboy:The Science of Evil

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Hellboy: The Science of Evil. A game that was released around the same time as the movie Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. I am a fan of Mike Mignola’s work and most of the Hellboy series and Del Toro’s work with movies. The game is produce by both Del Toro and Mignola. When released the reviews were harsh. IGN gave it a 3 out of 10 and so did much of the major game reviewers of the net.

Nazi1:"Should we help Claus?" Nazi2:"Shit dude I don't think that's a great Idea."

After reading said reviews I was shocked and displaced. I wanted to play the game for so long. I heard about and it seemed like a really great game. But take it from me most reviews aren’t true. All the reviews for Alone in the Dark said that the game was horrible and pointless. I disagree, I found the game to be interesting and very challenging. Sure it had it’s moments, but I got over them.

The game is made by Konami, a hit and miss company. Their only hits have been Metal Gear Solid, Zone of the Enders and something else that I care not to remember. But also to mention that this isn’t the first HellBoy game ever made. This is the second, but its possibly the last due to the fact that not many cared for this game. The first game; Hellboy: Asylum Seeker, which was for the playstation, but is a total flop, the graphics were horrible, character design was shit and it didn’t go very well. It can be downloaded on the playstation network I think. The game takes place mainly in Romania, but takes you to places like Okinawa, Japan and a Nazi castle. Hellboy isn’t always alone, he’s either having snappy comments about his enemies, dying people or just in general skeletons that he talks to. And there’s multiplayer for you and your friend(s)

Now this happens when you don't have friends, you being the frog monster

Like I said the game is a general Beat ’em up and of course I like the story that Mike wrote up for it. Your hunting down a witch in Romania, but it starts out in a graveyard. Later you flashback to 25 years ago when your in Japan stopping an Evil Nazi’s plan. Also the Nazi has a robot-Nazi-gorilla called number 4 working for him. Then you flash back to Romania. The story is very very good, but if your a fan of Hellboy and only enjoy anything that deals with the comics or movies then you shouldn’t play this game, but if your open minded about 3 separate stories, then you can play should play the game. But honestly, fanboys keep an open mind about this.

I loved the movies and I read a lot of the books, but to me the game is an extension, of the mythos. What gets me though, is why do many fan boys hate the game, but not the movies and animated movies? Meh, cant please them all I guess. The controls are able to getting use to, but the X button will be your best friend, next to the Y button. If you have seen the movies or read the comics, you know for a fact that next to the hand of doom HellBoy uses his gun to do most of the talking. You of course get to use his gun, and it’s many types of bullets. There’s explosive, shotgun, fireflies, crystals, flowers (don’t ask) and so on and so forth. The right hand does come in handy. When you click both sticks (hah) you go into Hellfire mode which doesn’t last long, but helps when your in a though spot.

The game, of course, does have it’s many of downsides. Let’s start with the ammo. Christ when it runs out, your fucked when you need. One part of the game has to make so frustrated about this one type of ammo that you need to go back and grab some more, but when it runs out. The Nazi zombies wont die.

Except for this guy. He wasn't a very good Nazi.

The combat isn’t that bad, there’s no combos, just only x-x-x-x then that’s it, a few Y’s here and there, but that’s it. Done. You can charge your right hand of doom, by holding down y, but your enemies can get a good hit on you by then. Sometimes, you can get achievements for doing stupid things like jumping off a cliff 20 times. Killing 25 or 10 or 50 enemies with certain weapons. I guess those can be good things, I guess. The game leaves out most of the characters that are able to be played. Like Abe and Liz. I’m a fan of Abe. Liz…not so much. Lobster Johnson, yeah funny haha, but total badass.

The enemies are difficult and very annoying. In the Romania level, when your in the town, Hellboy can be ridden by the homunculus (I think that’s what they are), they tell you the controls to take them little bastards off your back, but it rarely works. Also some of the boss battles, are short lived and aren’t very, boss like.

Then there are some who act like bosses, but die like bitches

The good side is that, it’s Hellboy, c’mon you can’t get more awesome than that. Your gun cant keep the enemies back so you can get a few good punches in there. The Y button also helps puch away a lot of enemies. The one-liners do help keep Hellboy more funny and well in character. The settings are great and right for the Hellboy universe. The enemies are cool and makes me love the game more. Since it’s a beat ’em up it has to be repetitive, it suits the game well. The character designs are almost reminiscent of the animated series ones. Hellboy’s finishing moves on his enemies are funny and badass yet repetitive. Some of the puzzles can be tricky, but everything has an answer and if you can’t get by them then just continue beating the ever loving shit out of your enemies with your fists, swords or the many types of ammo that’s at your disposal. The extras are fairly enjoyable. Behind the scenes, interviews and beautiful art.

Well at least he's already dead.

Now for the decision. The game offers up little bad gameplay and controls, but honestly it can be forgiven. The controls aren’t a complete train wreck and the graphics aren’t either. All I’m saying is that if it was suppose to look like the comics then it’d would either look like cel-shading or just sharp, but no it’s more of the animated movies kinda style. The music, direction and style is all picked out by Del Toro. After you immerse yourself within the universe long enough and have an open mind about what your playing then you stop caring about the little parts that are bad. The game should have been put out on the marketplace instead of being sold in stores. The setting and atmosphere keep me attracted, so does that art and characters. In order to love a game like this you don’t have to be a fan at all really. Yet if you want to be more understanding of the world and characters then you should probably start reading some of the comics and watch both movies and both animated movies as well, for good measure. If you played the game and disagree then fine. But give me your reasons why you hated it and don’t be a troll. Hellboy: The Science of Evil gets a 3 out of 5 in my book. Its a rental, or if you have sometime to kill or if your in the mood for a beat ’em up then go for it.


Video of the weekend

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Aw yes another Borderlands Episode. This is the last episode of Clap Trap’s torturing and enduring story of making the game Borderlands…Im not going over Borderlands Look below for the fucking Review!

Top ten horror movies.

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Every day we use quotes from movies. No matter what genre, but on one special holiday, men, women,  child and shit even animals get dressed up as my one favorite genre movie characters. Horror movies are really great, shit I basically thrive off them. I will  be counting trilogies and sagas in this list. Here’s my list on the top horror movies.

10. Alien trilogy (not counting resurrection).


In 1979 director Ridley Scott introduced the world to anew type of alien. A parasite that facial rapes you then leaves an egg in your chest and when time comes for it to hatch it has one hellva entrance

When I was little this movie scared the living shit out of me. I couldn’t go to bed without the thought of the facehugger raping my face and then my chest exploding from a little monster. Well after I got over the whole “Im scared shitless about alien” and got the balls to see the sequels I noticed something. The alien from the first movie was sort of a “special” alien….It was a retarded alien. I mean come on it didn’t pull off the shit like the ones from the other movies, like running on walls, using it’s tail more and well being more sneaky. This movie is a must see for anybody looking for something cool to watch. The movie was great back in then and is a classic scifi-horror movie now.

9. John Carpenter’s The Thing.


Once again I when I watched this movie as a kid I was paranoid. Like almost every kid, their imagination is wild, mine was how can you say? Batshit crazy? I thought that my parents were the Thing and were trying to get me infected with the thing with feeding me foods I hated. Well now that’s all over with I can trust them now…or can I?

Anyways, in 1982 master of horror John Carpenter decided to do a remake of a classic with the same name, The thing from outter space. Both stories are alike in some ways. In the original, the alien was a vegetable-like creature and fed off of blood and hated fires, it had a mad genius who wanted to do something with the alien and it never mimicked other worldly creatures and people. In the remake it infected many just by touching them, no evil scientist even though a scientist does go apeshit and try to kill everybody, can transform into the aliens that it adsorbed or devoured and Hated fire

You see that shit. That dude freaked the fuck out. The alien enjoys the cold, but it would suck if the movie took place in Hawaii. The Arctic was a great place to based the movie on, which the book was based on. Once again we have that famous formula; Book->Movie->Remake. I haven’t read the book yet, but I can’t wait to get my hands on it. The movie still scares me. The animatronics are wonderfully scary and if you have enough time to watch the entire behind the scenes featurette then you will learn the dangers they went through to make this movie. When you want something to really get under your skin then watch John Carpenter’s The Thing in the winter…when it’s actually cold out, it feeds to the atmosphere.



This movie is just….Feast is a movie that…..I just- I don’t know how this got on the list I really don’t. I have many words for movies, but this movie is just- I can’t stress this enough, but if you watch this movie you won’t look at life the same anymore. After I watched this movie I just couldn’t help but think about how fucked up Matt Damon, Ben Afleck, Wes Craven or the other guy who made this movie. The trailer wasn’t even close to making out what was in this movie

I’ve seen many disturbing things in my life, but this movie brings a new meaning to facial rape, vomit, maggots, rotting people and other fucked up shit. I couldn’t think straight for a month, no really my mind was just stuck on what I just watched almost 30 days ago.

I heard that there’s three sequels out already, as badly as I dont want to, something in my stomach says that I need to watch the sequels. This is one of those movies were you just need to be freaked out and you have nothing better to do. But in honesty, watch this movie just for the hell of it. Sure after watching it you might look at me in a different set of mind, but you know that it was worth it…in some sick way.

7.George A. Romero’s Day Of The Dead.


When it comes to zombies nobody can top it like George Romero. He started the whole zombie movie. Before him zombies were only humans hypnotized and were voodoo induced people. Sure White Zombie gave Rob Zombie a name for a band and made Bela Lugosi a better name in the horror genre, but those zombies weren’t the zombies that are famous today.

George Romero started the series off with Night of the Living Dead and as it progressed it got better over time. When Day of the Dead came out it showed a new, smarter zombie. And what has happened to the world after the zompocolypse. This movie has many famous parts. Most famously the death of Captain Rhodes

The beginning scene of the movie is very eerie and scares me. The music and feeling that the movie portrays is very lonely and it really feels like your all alone in the world and the zombies are out to get you. Romero’s zombie movies have stopped at Diary Of the Dead, a movie that is short of scares and tries to rip off of the CloverField style, you know the whole camera shot. Yet many say that Diary is just another beginning for the zombies and that Land of the Dead is the true future of the living dead. Yet George Romero isn’t entirely fond about his zombie movies, that’s all that he’s famous for, but he wants many to notice his other works of art. Like…



Directed by George A. Romero and written by Stephen King. Creepshow is a movie that is inspired by the Tales From the Crypt comics. The movie is divide into about six separate stories that are all sorts of horror. There’s tons of appearances from many famous actors. Leslie Nelson from Airplane! Stephen King plays a comically dimwitted farmer who has the misfortune of discovering a meteor. The movie is darkly funny and has many parts that are scary and disgusting. Wait! Did I just mention the magical word about this movie? Aw yes disgusting

This movie does not lack anything that wouldn’t make it a horror movie. I has everything from a huge monster that kills a mans bitchy wife to a person being killed by bugs. If your a fan of Stephen King and/or George Romero then you have to pick this movie up sometime. There are two sequels that arn’t worth watching and a new online series is beginning.

5.Dead Alive (Brain Dead).


In the begging of Peter Jackson’s career he had some miss and hits, but hits like Dead Alive. The movie is a gore-fest of gore. It’s fucked up in so many ways that some of the shit you see will either make you puke or make you cringe at the sight of it. The first time I watched this movie I was pretty small so I didn’t remember much, but when my friend picked it up on dvd I know why I couldn’t remember it, my mind was protecting me from all of the gore and horror that is this movie. When I say horror I mean it in a good way.

This movie has one of the most memorable scenes in zombie death scene history.

Now these zombies are voodoo zombies yet they have some of the traits of virus zombies. The curse came from Skull Island (Jackson couldn’t resist) and an evil Sumatran monkey-rat;who origins are pretty fucked up by itself (Rats from a slave ship came to the island and raped the monkeys of the island). Linoel’s mother get bitten by the monkey-rat mindfuck and then the madness begins. The movie is so messed up that two zombies fuck and have a baby. It’s so fucked up that I have to show a video of the baby

4.Return of the Living Dead.


This movie has nothing to do with George Romero. I repeat This movie has nothing to do with George Romero’s zombie flicks. The movie only has  a reference to it. This movie is in a league of it’s own. The movie is just really damn good and does not hold back on whatever point it’s trying to make. The movie begins when a gas canister breaks and brings back a body inside of it and everything that once lived, inside the warehouse. They burn an infected body since these zombies can’t be killed since they’re already dead and eat brains to kill the pain of being dead.

The movie sets up the stereotype for zombies that they only want brains and not like the regular zombies that only want flesh. These zombies think and talk. Infact there’s this one zombie that has grown to be pretty big and i can’t blame his fans

I can’t stop watching this movie because it’s just so damn good and different from the rest of the flock. The movie has a naked metal/punk chick dancing in a cemetery and then later she kills a hobo because she becomes a zombie (scary one at that). Now this movie has about four or five sequels that are just utter shit. This is the movie that you need to watch.

3. It’s Alive.

When a horror movie comes out there two things that can happen, either it’s a blockbuster hit that does scare people or it’s a controversial movie that doesn’t scare anybody and makes shit for money. Well It’s Alive should have some controversy for the monster bit. The monster is a baby. That right when mrs.Davis gives birth to her baby she soon finds out that it’s a murderous little beast. The baby is a frightening sight to see. This movie makes you see little cute babies as little monsters.

I remember seeing this movie and being scared of the baby, infact I still am. It’s a spooky sight. It’s like a baby, but in a sense it’s a not of this world

It’s strange that the baby could get around and kill so many people without being caught or seen. Also the cops enjoy shooting the shit out of it, but of course they miss the target. The baby is a mutant radioactive monster, so this means the movie is a most definitely a b-movie. It has two more sequels which arn’t really something you would want to want to watch at all. Watch it, but dont watch it…alone!

2.28 Days Later.


Back when Danny Boyle actually made good movies he had given the world a purpose to fear the new breed of infectious zombies. In 28 day later the zombies dont shamble around and moan they’re more animal-like and arn’t slow. They can infect you the traditional way of either biting or scratching, but if any of their blood gets in your eye, wound or any opening to your insides you can become infected.

In a series of events the infection is released when…are ready for this…when a bunch of animal conversationalists try to free a monkey that’s infected with the “rage” virus. The monkey then infects one of the hippies (beats getting shit flung into your face), then the infected hippie attacks everybody in the room, even the scientist that warns them about the monkey, smooth move dipshit. The trailer is badass by itself

The movie is bloody good and it has it’s moments where shit puts you on the edge of your seat and have you white knuckle tight. The movie has it’s share of fan-dom. There’s even a graphic novel that finishes up the movie and it’s sequel.

1.House of 1000 Corpses.


Rob Zombie. Rob Zombie has got to be one of the greatest directors amongst this generation. House of 1000 corpses is just fucking lovely, and I love me some gore and violence. Sid Haig, Sheri Moon Zombie, Bill Mosely and my favorite Walter Phelan. The movie revolves around four people who trying to survive the Firefly Family. One of the most fucked up families around. Like rednecks can’t compare to how crazy they are.

Now with horror aside…this is one hellva funny movie. In order to enjoy a horror movie you have to have a great sense of humor both dark and light. Capetian Spaulding (being played by Sid Haig) has got to be one of the most twisted and funniest clowns I have ever seen. And the evil fucking Clown from It isn’t scare he’s just stupid looking. Captian Spaulding has that feeling like he could have been real or atleast a clown out there could have been this crazy. The beginning of the movie is just awesome

I suggest that you watch this movie right now! If that beginning part didn’t get you into the movie then you can just go to hell because that was the best damn before-credit-scene ever. Well not ever because Zombieland has that title.

wrong vampire

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wrong vampire

As I was scrolling through best buy I stumbled upon the many great vampire movies that have been made. Then I see twilight. I wanted to laugh if i weren’t so baffled by this undescribable anger over the fact that twilight is in the horror section. I got more and more anger as the thought that what vampire started from are now becoming these not so threating man-ginas. Google image Nosferatu. That’s what vampires should be like, scary as hell. Not loving and other stupid shit. Also, bestbuy has a good sense of humor, they also had the hills in the horror section.

Top 10 superpowers.

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Man what I would do for to gain superpowers. The only problem is, they do tend to take horrible turns for the worst and awesome ways of making life way better. This is my top 10 list of superpowers.


Warning: Major pansy right here.

Warning: Major pansy right here.

Yeah Awesome: Being Able to take a bullet to the head and then strangle the gunner with your hands does seem really badass. You can handle pressures that normal folk can’t handle gives you the right to say “stand back ma’am I can handle this”. You can walk into fires and walk out without a scratch. You can walk into a bar and win the fight with everybody in there. You can walk into the middle of a gang war and settle the whole fight with your fists. You can skip right into a war zone and save people. You are the best damn thing out there!

Oh shit, weakness: Sure your invincible and possibly unstoppable at the least. But you still are human on the inside. You can feel things, you can see the fear inside those who are afraid of you, you could kill somebody on accident and be sent to jail. You could try to rebel and be evil, but you have to sleep sometime or you can get tired given on your type of power. Like Superman it could be a type of item that can weaken you or like the Juggernaut where if your held still you can’t destroy everything in your path. Maybe the scientists can get your blood sample or silica to make an antidote to stop your unstoppable ass.


Great game. Great immortal

Great game. Great immortal

That’s what i thought. Yeah Awesome: You can move along the ages of the world without death’s cold grip on your soul. Your power over life is gracious. You can go to clubs and get drunk and not die of alcohol-poisoning, well unless you have the type of immortality that matter’s with whole age only and if you get shot in face you die motherfucker die type of immortality. Hitting on girls does take time to improve on, but hey you have your whole immortality to work on it. If you do have the type of immortality in which you can survive anything and live forever than possibilities are endless. You could walk into the ocean and discover crap that some normal folk can’t. You could be sent into space and witness things that would blow your mind. You are almost a god!

Oh shit, weakness: Not a day goes by in which you screw somebody and think to yourself. “Wow, Im a million years old and I still never got with that one babe in my math class.” or “Jeez, I never thought about having so many kids. They’re all dead by now.” Your life will be plauged with the death of those who have gotten close to you. Your life will be filled with oddities, but you will leave a mark in those of who you got with and they’d soon notice at their death bed’s that you’ve never changed, literally. You havn’t change since the day you two met. Sure you could actually go to the depths of the ocean and and go away into deep space, but your memory is forever, you can never forget. If your the only immortal then your alone in the world. Your going to be completely alone and sad, the worst part is. You can’t off yourself.


Jim Hoffa had superpowers...

Look at the smug look on his face...oh wait.

Yeah Awesome: Ever had an embarrassing moment in which you just wanted to disappear? Remember that time that all your friends dared you to go into the chick’s locker room? Remember that time when you felt like being invisible? Well, would ya look at that you are invisible! Now remember invisibility comes with alot of responsibility, but you already knew that right…well whatever. Next time that kid starts to make fun of you, you can just get the jump on his blind ass, and by blind I mean you could possibly throw dirt or paint thinner into his eyes. it all depends on what visibility you have if it’s the kind that ensures that both you and your clothing is invisible then your all good. If it’s the kind where if your still wearing your clothes and you look like a god damn ghost, well that’s sort of a perk. I mean if you have the not-going-invisible-clothes invisibility then your going commando into the girl’s locker room.

Oh shit, weakness: Well besides the fact that your almost the master of assassins and spies you do have a few problems with your invisibility. The whole clothes not disappearing thing is not good considering that your still slighty visible. And with some account that you Do sneak into the girl’s locker room there’s a slight chance that when you do see the babes undress your “emotion” could make you visible which doesn’t really put you into a great situation. Think of all of the possibly ways of nobody finding you when your invisible. When crossing the street turns deadly. When getting into a car crash and being forever invisible and dead is pretty bad. When trying to get attention because your permittly invisible and you need help turning back. The list is almost endless.




Yeah, awesome: Turn your life around by skipping class and flying through the skies as fast as you can go! Your ability can make you as free and an eagle. Your probably thinking on your next destination on which to travel to, whether it’s a nice beach or cool exotic location in the Caribbean, you dont know and you don’t care as long as you fly from point A to point B. You zoom past your school, job and the boring parts of life!

Oh shit, Weakness: Sure it’s loads of fun going through the air and almost breaking the sonic barrier and possibly rob a bank for money, but have it ever occurred to you that your movements are being watched. Now dont think that other freaks are watching you or aliens are watching you. Your flight patterns are monitored by the military. Your on the radar and the government might notice you as either an unauthorized craft or ufo. Knowing any countries government, they’ll see you as a threat. Either way you might be shot down. Im pretty sure that you can’t take on a stinger  missile head on.

6.Mind control:

"Now take off your clothes and call me The Dark one...oooh yeah."

"Now take off all your clothes and call me The Dark one."

Yeah, awesome: Your boss is a dick, a chode. He always busts your ball for no good reason. He had sex with your wife to prove something: That he’s better than you. One day you just sit there in your cubicle, twitting your thumbs. A thought pops in: I wish boss would staple he face to the desk and lights his balls on fire. Soon screams can be heard. You run to the source of the screams and surprise surprise What you thought just came true. Every little thing you think up about somebody they’ll do it. You start to move things around with your mind, weight lifting shit is easy when you can pick up a can of cola and then chuck it at a hobo. Then you’ll pick up that hobo and then chuck him at a little kid. Soon not only are you the boss of your own company, you able to create anything you can think of. Once again your almost a god!

Oh shit, Weakness: Sure you might be able to take on the world, but Im sure that with all this power your mind has been taking a toll on your whole mentality. One second your wife is in love with you then second her corpse is splattered against the side of the wall because she admitted that she cheated on you with the gardener. Skank. You can’t take it anymore, anybody that gets near you either turns into something weird like a chimpanzee that farts waffles or you turn their inards into the paint on the wall. There’s almost no way you can undo the evil things you did. Usually the government would step in and capture, dissect and experiment with your powerful brain. Hopefully you can use what power you have left and reverse time to the moment of your boss lighting his testicles on fire.

4. Shapeshift:

Ok, long story short, it's both a vampire and werewolf. Still can transform.

Ok, long story short, it's both a vampire and werewolf. Still can transform.

Yeah awesome: Transformation is badass. You want to be a tiger, your a tiger. You want to be a dragon, well dont start burning down the town. When you want to blend into a crowd all you need to do is become a different person. You are the master of disguise. Now once again there are many interpretations of shapeshifters. One is that you can only turn into a wolf…boring. Another is just animals. My favorite is everything. When you go hunting the deer wont know what fucking broke it’s neck and shot it in the brains. You could be another person and confuse them and everybody around them. Who,what,when,where and why is just what your a master at avoiding.

Oh shit, Weakness: Well after a few hundred persona changes your wondering on who the hell you might really be. i mean are you that guy who was just on the news for an alledged burglary? Or are you that girl who o.d’d on meth and you just turned into her to make her family happy again. You were somebody, but now your anybody. That and given that you do turn into somebody, that certain somebody might be on a hitlist or they might be up for a beatdown. Watch your back.

3.Mind Reading:

"So that's where they hide my remote, the brutes!"

"So that's where they hid my remote control for the tv, the swine!"

Yeah,awesome: Ok I could be a dick for doing this one because this sort of goes in the same catagory as mind control, but I see them both as two different things. Anyway, when having the ability to read minds your life changes. One second your talking to your best friend. You then read their mind to only find out that they hate your guts and think that your annoying as fuck. You soon read the minds of people who are hiding secrets. You can slmost predict on what people are up to. Your ability to read the thoughts of others can go into the possibility of digging deep into the sub-consions of your peers and then everything starts to pour into your head, everything you want to know about that person becomes clear. Soon you can see that even the most annoying person is really just a sad little ego energized prick. If your powers become more stronger maybe interrogation could just be a blink of the eye. Hopefully you dont fully invade another person’s mind, you might make their skull explode.

Oh shit, Weakness: Yeah going into people’s minds: fun. Discovering many dark secrets and other shit that’s not really great to see: Bad. The idea is great it’s just the reality is people are fucking crazy. People have very, very disturbing minds. Like I said, you read your friends mind and then you discover that they hate your fucking guts. That’s not great to know. There’s a slight possibility that you don’t read your friend’s mind and your read that crazy kid’s mind in the back. Your head will be full of horrid images and other things that are scary on many levels. And with the possibility of making a person’s skull explode or just giving them a really evil headache could be possible if your brain is really really strong with the whole mind reading. If not you may have a backfire with your plans.

2.Ultimate knowledge:


Oh yeah, Awesome: I hate tests dont you. I also hate my I.Q. at which I dont know what number level it is at currently. Wish you knew what your crush wants? Wish you had the right answer to what the cops were asking you? Simple if your a super genious. Your whole day would be simple with school and at your job. Teacher says that you’re wrong then just correct her up the ass. The boss askes you why you have been called into his office, you can just tell him the answer and tell him something very disturbing about his wife. You can be a one man scientific team. You can find the cure for cancer, diabetes and hiv all in one month. You can make Stephen Hawkins go crazy in his robo-chair. Space travel would be a scrrible away. You are the cure to mostly what’s wrong with our planet!

Oh shit, Weakness: With a great amount of knowledge of everything it seems that your too busy with saving the planet. Too busy to pay attention of your current condition, the condition is that your losing all of your humanity. Your becoming a Doctor Manhattan almost

Say that you met this really nice girl and you two hooked up because you knew what she loved and since you know everything you knew everything about her. Well you knew her, but she doesn’t know you anymore! You have a dark side of things. You know who is who and what they stand for and they’re whole entire life basically. When your done your job with this planet, man kind will discard you like a toy. Maybe if you could travel back in time with a time machine…


Grrrr Not the toothpaste!

The usage of toothpaste must be denied in hell.

Yeah,awesome: Ok now you might be thinking that this doesn’t deserve be number one, well I have one thing to tell you. FUCK the  police. Nah just kidding I have a friend who’s a police officer, he’s not a pig like the other 95%. Anyway, hate living your life with everybody ridding your ass like a camel with a fat chick on your back? Well posse a person and go on a killing spree, exit the body and then reak some more hell. If your a good enough posseror then you will leave your body and control the person or object and if you die as that person you will return to your body alive. Being picked on by some guy then posses the dude, make him walk into on coming cars and then leave at the last moment. Like I said objects can be possesed as well. Can you say floating knife fight?

Oh shit, Weakness: Well if your possession consists of your body being turned into whatever you turn into your find, but most of the time. Your body is just a shell. When you lose that husk of yours then it’s freeball for your husk-ass. Plus you could lose the time to go into something then and the time when you go back to your body. if your astral projecting then that’s completely different. If your in the form of smoke you might disappear. If a liquid then you might evaporate. Yeah this is a double edged sword right here. And you could posse something that you may not want to possess and that object might be something that goes somewhere that’s not clean…

Notable Mentions: Teleportation. Phasing.


Teleportation is something that can beat flying and super strength. I personally love this power, hallways would be simple to get through. My favorite superhereo Nightcrawler can teleport. And thanks to the whole supersede thing, he can’t get stuck in walls or people. Life would be simple if teleportation was real. The only problem is, what if you have some much on your mind that you go to the wrong place. From what I understand you have to concentrate on the exact spot that you have to teleport to. If not your going places. And what if you do teleport and accidentally teleport in somebody. Will you die or will that person explode like a paintball hitting a wall? It must be pretty tricky teleporting. Yet it’s a bad ass gift.

Somebody is gonaa get a bitchslap

Somebody is gonna get a bitchslap.

While phasing through things you can go through anything, anyone at anytime. Yes this is a great way of getting through lines quicker and possibly lookng for things more easily. Your almost like a ghost if you have that kind of power. Now all of that is wonderful, but what if you turn solid and somebody is in your way? What the hell would happen? it’s a once again what if kinda qeustion. Would you two fuse together or would you both painfully die? I don’t know and I think both outcomes would bad horribly bad. But running through people and ripping out thier organs does sound fun at the least.

You say you want a revolution? Well here you go.

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Abbey road.

Today is the day in which The Beatles are celebrated. 9-9-09 must be a special day for everybody, but today Im really happy for today The Beatles rock band comes out and kids who are younger than my age and kids who are older than I, can play this game and experince the beautiful music that was a revolution of our parents.

I was a sore and rash child when it came to old music, but when my mom left my family I start to bond with my dad as I kept growing I noticed something. The Beatles are in everything that I love, even in metal. The Beatles are the greatest band of all time. I can say that Metallica can go fuck themselves, All the bands today can go fuck themselves. I will take it back because mostly every band is influenced by The Beatles. If your music is not influenced by The Beatles then that’s not music, thats nothing even close to music.

I love The Beatles, I’ve met people who are against The Beatles, but hey that’s their opinion not mine or the millions of others. I think that if you don’t like The Beatles, give The Beatles a listen. Give it a try dont hate them and call them false rock, how can they be false when they’ve effected the world. I’m happy as hell today.

I will tell you my top Beatles Songs.

  • Let It Be.
  • Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
  • With A little Help From My Friends.
  • Revolution.
  • A Day In The Life.
  • Come Together.
  • Dear Prudence.
  • Yellow Submarine.
  • Got To Get You Into My Life.
  • Hey Jude.

Now my list can be mixed up, changed around, but the matter still remains. I love The Beatles. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrason and Ringo Starr are musical Genuises. I love my dad for getting me into The Beatles.

I can tell you that the game is already good in fact really fucking Wonderful. The game was basically put in motion by the son of George Harrison if Im correct. The game take you through the fab four’s band life from The Caverns to the Apple-Records Building. Take a guess  on what the last song is. I’ll wait… the song is….End. Yup, what a way to go with the song that’s called End. And no the game doesn’t take you through the solo careers of the band members. If it did Im sure that the game rating would be changed to a possible T.

The Beatles have put out alot of albums and today you can own all of those albums. If you have a spare 200.00 dollars on you and want to give The Beatles a listen then get that box set. Im still just going to by the albums seperate from the box unless the box set drops to a price of 28.00 or something below 100 dollars then I’ll buy it.

Well I just want to say that The Beatles cause a revolution. They made movies, they have movies made about them and thier songs. Check out Across the universe, the movie is just great. Dont check out the movie called Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band, that features the Beegee’s and remakes The Beatles’s songs into disco songs *shudder*. When The Beatles broke up we didn’t lose the band. We still have the band that reaches across the universe. The Beatles broke up, but we got solos that still affected the world. We had John Lennon, who still made a big diffrence in the world. Paul McCartney made Wings, a band that made a couple of songs that I like. Ringo Starr starred in a movie. George Harrison was still being badass.

We didn’t lose the music, but we did lose the men behind the music. George Harrison died of cancer, personally I like George. Him and Paul. Then we have the most tragic news that ever happend, John Lennon was shot and killed. He was going solo and had a song and movie called Imagine. He married Yoko Ono, Im getting into her backround, hate her abit. And he had a son, Sean Lennon. He left us too soon.

The music has influence everybody from school girls to hippies to kid of this generation. You can be as high as a kite and get what The Beatles are trying to say. Given that being high as a kite and listening to Helter Skelter isn’t a good idea, here’s a little known fact. Charles Manson, listened to Helter Skelter alot. I mean he listened to it backwards and found messages in there, well then again he did carve a swastica in his forehead.

Back to the main part before the whole Charles Manson thing. You can be either high as a kite or down on the ground to understand what The Beatles mean. To listen to The Beatles you don’t have to be in the time of free love and Richard Nixon. You can be here and now in the present to be with the past. The Beatles to me are the greatest band in the world, their music are an inspiration to millions and nobody is better than The Beatles. All genre of music can be afflicted by them, but can’t be better. I mean they have a great ass cartoon made after a fucking great song. Look for the movie The Yellow Submarine.

The Beatles are the ones that gave our parents happiness when high and not high. They gave me music to know that there is still love in the world and it’s still going strong. When I listen to Hey Jude I cry a little because it’s such a wonderful song and it reminds me of the good times in my life. When I listen to A Day In The Life I feel like Im on a drug trip just with out the effects of losing my mind. When I listen to Revolution I feel empowered and want to move forward with no stop.

The Beatles. Rock that will never stop making it’s mark in the world. Rock that is a revolution to the universe.

Top 10 things wrong about animes.

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Once again I found a way to make a list about crap. Here’s my list about the many things wrong with animes.

10. The smart/shadowy guy with glasses.

Look at him, thinks he's so cool, but he's really just a douche.

Look at him, thinks he's so cool, but he's really just a douche.

Why wrong: Give me one single anime show and I’ll point out the first asswipe who’s shadowy and smart and likes to think everybody as imbeciles, fools and the sorts. It can be annoying to watch one show to see it appear in another and another and another. It’s easy to identify this kinda guy, just wait until the second, third or fifth episode to notice this guy on top of the school roof, in a corner, in a shadow. Trust me when he pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose. I want jam those fuckin’ glasses down his throat. No homo.

9. Goofy/slutty girls.

[picture not available because Im not looking that shit up!]

Why wrong: Well I’ve seen enough animes in my lifetime to say this. Almost all the chicks in the cartoons either have big knockers, are silly or like the main character or the villain or some bug-eyed freak in the show. I understand that having a vagina in the show will effect the protagonist and antagonist, but isn’t it enough when the girl has big boobs and acts like a ten year old pumped full of sugar and has the strength of eight men. In reality chicks with big bazookas are hard to get and aren’t as nice as anime girls. To add another they usually have magically powers to heal people.

8.over-reacting to being denied something.

Alittle bitch right here.

"Umm sir can you please calm down. I do love my life. Alot."

Why wrong: Say that if a anime person asks for a cookie and the person says no. You’ll get a person who will look something like the dude above. And by chance he will have powers that will obliterate an entire city. When somebody denies me a cookie I do ask why and not break his neck while asking. If the person says that I dont deserve one then hey who am I to say that I do, karma. While in japan they do deserve the cookie and kill that person and a couple hundred pedestrians just for the cookie.

7.Mecha mecha mecha!

Hahaha this is real hahaha Im laughing because one day it'll be able to work hahahaha

Hahaha this is real hahaha Im laughing because one day it'll be able .to work hahahaha we're fucked,

Why wrong: Japan is famous for alot of things giant monsters and robots  being two of those thousands famous things. I dunno why I put this here because theres a few shows that I like that have giant robots kicking each others asses, but there’s a limit to how many shows should have giant robots. American cartoons do have a few giant robots here and there but not like Japanese cartoons and if it’s not giant robots it giant monsters or animals.

6.Spirit animals/creatures.

The spirit is in the toy...

The spirit is in the toy...

Why wrong: Much like everything else on the list anime characters can also be powered by a spirit or animal essence. Like a tiger or more beloved dragon. They then gain the powers of the elements or whatever the power the monster or animal had. If somebody had the power of a dog and is able to run full speed, Id capture the kid (which it usually is a kid who has  the power) then dissect the kid or torture the kid to harness the power. Evil? Nope.

5.Kids with powers.

While having powers your hair grows for some awesome reason.

While having powers your hair grows for some awesome reason.

Why Wrong: Give a kid a knife. Somebody is about to be either stabbed, threatened or nothing at all. In anime the kids learn to control or not control their power. If they can control their power they are confronted with people who are extremely evil-er and powerful then the kid and at the end of season the kid beats the villain and gains greatness. For the ones where they can’t control their power they are faced with samurais or some person with powers who are up to the task of teaching the kid to handle the powers. If I had super powers and invincibility then our soldiers would be home right now and I’d drop out of school.


Like I said giant robots...everywhere.

Like I said giant robots...everywhere.

Why wrong: Holy shit are you kidding me. Watch comic-con or better yet Go to comic-con and look for a group of cosplayers that dress up as anime characters. Japan is sorta filled to the brim with these people. If you see a villain in a videogame from japan, odds are you will see them hanging out with their enemies. Let’s say there was a holy-con where people dressed up like people from the bible. You might see Satan and god drinking a slurpy while talking about the families they once had. And it’s just stupidly scary on how many kids in America dress up like some anime characters. I know people the know people who do dress up, I try to keep my distance

3.over usage of crying.

[picture not here because it’s too sad]

Why wrong: Everybody cries, even the toughest G.I. hey that rhymed. Anyway, in anime you will find out that if you yell at somebody they will either explode with a kamehameha or explode into tears. Chicks cry, but guys will cry because a chicks crying and the giant monster is dead or captured by the evil fucking government. There’s really not much here to say. I mean if your crying your either depressed to hell or your an emo. Maybe both.

2.Perverted old men.

Fuckin' panda with your sign that I can't read.

Fuckin' panda with your sign that I can't read.

Why wrong: If anime has tought me one thing it’s that all old men are perverts that want some of the stuff girls have concealed. Yes, they want to bone a girl. Not steal they’re guns or superpowers. It must be something that alot of old Japanese guys have in common in Japan. I guess they like to look up girl’s skirts, try to rape them or just watch alot of porn. Dirty old men must be most of the Japanese population or something because they’re in alot of animes. Well we got one and he’s in family guy!

1.Gallons of blood.

She's okay, she just lost some blood thats all.

She's okay, she just lost some blood that's all.

Why wrong: If you watch a violent anime you will notice that a person can take a cannon or sword to the stomach and walk away while singing I’m walking on sunshine. An anime character can lose up to 90.9% of blood and still fight on. In reality when we reach about 40-60% of blood lose we give the fuck up. If you shove a 5 foot wide and 19 foot long spear through an anime character they will gasp, fall down minutes later wake up stumble, fall down wake up with a bandages around the wound and continue fighting demon-monster-ghost-aliens. If you can lose that much blood and do all of that above then your either superhuman, wolverine,but more of a pussy or your an anime character. The damages anime characters can take are just ridiculous. Most of the time they’re bodies are either super powered or spiritual powered. Fucking anime, your wronger than Micheal Jackson Rising from the grave again.

Notable Mentioned:Endless seasons after endless seasons!! Now when there’s a show that’ helps gather the fan base’s money in merch. then that’s awesome, but after it hits it’s 5th season and the story is still as it was in the begining then just give up. But wait the guys who get the money think “Well lets just make it last a little longer I mean hopefully they will give us another season.” Which in reality they usually will because hey who doesn’t like money?