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Video of the weekend

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Aw yes another Borderlands Episode. This is the last episode of Clap Trap’s torturing and enduring story of making the game Borderlands…Im not going over Borderlands Look below for the fucking Review!


Video of the week!

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If you have read my review of Borderlands (and if you haven’t I will kill your pet falcon) and you know that the game is just pure Game of the Year material. I was looking for videos on how to get a certain gun in Borderlands and I stumbled upon this episode. There are only two so the video of the weekend in gonna be episode two. Clap-trap is just fucking insane,¬† I mean he is trying to pull off a Christian Bale. You know to go completely apeshit on the set of Terminator.

Video of the week

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My friend Matt showed me this video and I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean it is sorta the best way to releve lifes problems.

video of the week.

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Hey video of the week is here. I know were the hell have you been? Well it’s a little thing called school and it can both stress me out and tire me out. Well today’s video is sponsored by amphibian rape whistles, if you got a frog in your throat: whistle rape.

I picked this video out because my head was playing it over and over again. I wanted to blow my friggen brains out with an imaginary gun. Peral Jam is one of my favorite bands, you could say why Titus, why didn’t you put up Jermey, Even Flow or Alive or something else from the Ten album. Well simple this song isn’t out there like those songs. I mean the video describes the evolution that the human race has gone through and how it never changed. The animation was done by Todd McFarlane the creator of the spawn series. Personally Todd McFarlane isn’t really cool anymore, sure Spawn had a crap movie and short lived tv show on Hbo (heh that sorta ryhmed). Peral Jam is a good band and this is a great song, it’s diffrent from the other songs they’ve done. Like I said about the human race, we’re still brutal and savages, but it’s the only way to survive. No matter how advanced we get we’ll still have our primal instinct built in.

Video of the week.

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Today’s video¬† is that of something I remeber from my childhood. When I was about 7 or 8 I use to listen to White Zombie and well Rob Zombie; both the same band. Now your probably thinking “ugh Rob Zombie, what the fuck are you doing Titus?” Well considering that Rob Zombie released his version of Halloween 2, well that and I just love this fucking song. Rob Zombie is one intresting guy, you remember Bevis&Butt-head: Do America right? If you have seen it there’s this one scene where Bevis and Butt-head are going through these weird hullusinations. Rob Zombie Did that whole scene. He’s pretty cool, just check out most of his music videos and you’ll start to notice something that they all have in common. Remember, when seeing Halloween 2 don’t try to think it as a remake, but think of it as a retelling of the original Halloween 2.

Video of the week. (might be back for good!)

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If your not too familiar with the games that are included in this video than your pretty screwed. In other words enjoy it because if you cant then you have no imagination!

Video of the week! I could resist…

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Damn how do they keep pulling me in!!!