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Top ten horror movies.

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Every day we use quotes from movies. No matter what genre, but on one special holiday, men, women,  child and shit even animals get dressed up as my one favorite genre movie characters. Horror movies are really great, shit I basically thrive off them. I will  be counting trilogies and sagas in this list. Here’s my list on the top horror movies.

10. Alien trilogy (not counting resurrection).


In 1979 director Ridley Scott introduced the world to anew type of alien. A parasite that facial rapes you then leaves an egg in your chest and when time comes for it to hatch it has one hellva entrance

When I was little this movie scared the living shit out of me. I couldn’t go to bed without the thought of the facehugger raping my face and then my chest exploding from a little monster. Well after I got over the whole “Im scared shitless about alien” and got the balls to see the sequels I noticed something. The alien from the first movie was sort of a “special” alien….It was a retarded alien. I mean come on it didn’t pull off the shit like the ones from the other movies, like running on walls, using it’s tail more and well being more sneaky. This movie is a must see for anybody looking for something cool to watch. The movie was great back in then and is a classic scifi-horror movie now.

9. John Carpenter’s The Thing.


Once again I when I watched this movie as a kid I was paranoid. Like almost every kid, their imagination is wild, mine was how can you say? Batshit crazy? I thought that my parents were the Thing and were trying to get me infected with the thing with feeding me foods I hated. Well now that’s all over with I can trust them now…or can I?

Anyways, in 1982 master of horror John Carpenter decided to do a remake of a classic with the same name, The thing from outter space. Both stories are alike in some ways. In the original, the alien was a vegetable-like creature and fed off of blood and hated fires, it had a mad genius who wanted to do something with the alien and it never mimicked other worldly creatures and people. In the remake it infected many just by touching them, no evil scientist even though a scientist does go apeshit and try to kill everybody, can transform into the aliens that it adsorbed or devoured and Hated fire

You see that shit. That dude freaked the fuck out. The alien enjoys the cold, but it would suck if the movie took place in Hawaii. The Arctic was a great place to based the movie on, which the book was based on. Once again we have that famous formula; Book->Movie->Remake. I haven’t read the book yet, but I can’t wait to get my hands on it. The movie still scares me. The animatronics are wonderfully scary and if you have enough time to watch the entire behind the scenes featurette then you will learn the dangers they went through to make this movie. When you want something to really get under your skin then watch John Carpenter’s The Thing in the winter…when it’s actually cold out, it feeds to the atmosphere.



This movie is just….Feast is a movie that…..I just- I don’t know how this got on the list I really don’t. I have many words for movies, but this movie is just- I can’t stress this enough, but if you watch this movie you won’t look at life the same anymore. After I watched this movie I just couldn’t help but think about how fucked up Matt Damon, Ben Afleck, Wes Craven or the other guy who made this movie. The trailer wasn’t even close to making out what was in this movie

I’ve seen many disturbing things in my life, but this movie brings a new meaning to facial rape, vomit, maggots, rotting people and other fucked up shit. I couldn’t think straight for a month, no really my mind was just stuck on what I just watched almost 30 days ago.

I heard that there’s three sequels out already, as badly as I dont want to, something in my stomach says that I need to watch the sequels. This is one of those movies were you just need to be freaked out and you have nothing better to do. But in honesty, watch this movie just for the hell of it. Sure after watching it you might look at me in a different set of mind, but you know that it was worth it…in some sick way.

7.George A. Romero’s Day Of The Dead.


When it comes to zombies nobody can top it like George Romero. He started the whole zombie movie. Before him zombies were only humans hypnotized and were voodoo induced people. Sure White Zombie gave Rob Zombie a name for a band and made Bela Lugosi a better name in the horror genre, but those zombies weren’t the zombies that are famous today.

George Romero started the series off with Night of the Living Dead and as it progressed it got better over time. When Day of the Dead came out it showed a new, smarter zombie. And what has happened to the world after the zompocolypse. This movie has many famous parts. Most famously the death of Captain Rhodes

The beginning scene of the movie is very eerie and scares me. The music and feeling that the movie portrays is very lonely and it really feels like your all alone in the world and the zombies are out to get you. Romero’s zombie movies have stopped at Diary Of the Dead, a movie that is short of scares and tries to rip off of the CloverField style, you know the whole camera shot. Yet many say that Diary is just another beginning for the zombies and that Land of the Dead is the true future of the living dead. Yet George Romero isn’t entirely fond about his zombie movies, that’s all that he’s famous for, but he wants many to notice his other works of art. Like…



Directed by George A. Romero and written by Stephen King. Creepshow is a movie that is inspired by the Tales From the Crypt comics. The movie is divide into about six separate stories that are all sorts of horror. There’s tons of appearances from many famous actors. Leslie Nelson from Airplane! Stephen King plays a comically dimwitted farmer who has the misfortune of discovering a meteor. The movie is darkly funny and has many parts that are scary and disgusting. Wait! Did I just mention the magical word about this movie? Aw yes disgusting

This movie does not lack anything that wouldn’t make it a horror movie. I has everything from a huge monster that kills a mans bitchy wife to a person being killed by bugs. If your a fan of Stephen King and/or George Romero then you have to pick this movie up sometime. There are two sequels that arn’t worth watching and a new online series is beginning.

5.Dead Alive (Brain Dead).


In the begging of Peter Jackson’s career he had some miss and hits, but hits like Dead Alive. The movie is a gore-fest of gore. It’s fucked up in so many ways that some of the shit you see will either make you puke or make you cringe at the sight of it. The first time I watched this movie I was pretty small so I didn’t remember much, but when my friend picked it up on dvd I know why I couldn’t remember it, my mind was protecting me from all of the gore and horror that is this movie. When I say horror I mean it in a good way.

This movie has one of the most memorable scenes in zombie death scene history.

Now these zombies are voodoo zombies yet they have some of the traits of virus zombies. The curse came from Skull Island (Jackson couldn’t resist) and an evil Sumatran monkey-rat;who origins are pretty fucked up by itself (Rats from a slave ship came to the island and raped the monkeys of the island). Linoel’s mother get bitten by the monkey-rat mindfuck and then the madness begins. The movie is so messed up that two zombies fuck and have a baby. It’s so fucked up that I have to show a video of the baby

4.Return of the Living Dead.


This movie has nothing to do with George Romero. I repeat This movie has nothing to do with George Romero’s zombie flicks. The movie only has  a reference to it. This movie is in a league of it’s own. The movie is just really damn good and does not hold back on whatever point it’s trying to make. The movie begins when a gas canister breaks and brings back a body inside of it and everything that once lived, inside the warehouse. They burn an infected body since these zombies can’t be killed since they’re already dead and eat brains to kill the pain of being dead.

The movie sets up the stereotype for zombies that they only want brains and not like the regular zombies that only want flesh. These zombies think and talk. Infact there’s this one zombie that has grown to be pretty big and i can’t blame his fans

I can’t stop watching this movie because it’s just so damn good and different from the rest of the flock. The movie has a naked metal/punk chick dancing in a cemetery and then later she kills a hobo because she becomes a zombie (scary one at that). Now this movie has about four or five sequels that are just utter shit. This is the movie that you need to watch.

3. It’s Alive.

When a horror movie comes out there two things that can happen, either it’s a blockbuster hit that does scare people or it’s a controversial movie that doesn’t scare anybody and makes shit for money. Well It’s Alive should have some controversy for the monster bit. The monster is a baby. That right when mrs.Davis gives birth to her baby she soon finds out that it’s a murderous little beast. The baby is a frightening sight to see. This movie makes you see little cute babies as little monsters.

I remember seeing this movie and being scared of the baby, infact I still am. It’s a spooky sight. It’s like a baby, but in a sense it’s a not of this world

It’s strange that the baby could get around and kill so many people without being caught or seen. Also the cops enjoy shooting the shit out of it, but of course they miss the target. The baby is a mutant radioactive monster, so this means the movie is a most definitely a b-movie. It has two more sequels which arn’t really something you would want to want to watch at all. Watch it, but dont watch it…alone!

2.28 Days Later.


Back when Danny Boyle actually made good movies he had given the world a purpose to fear the new breed of infectious zombies. In 28 day later the zombies dont shamble around and moan they’re more animal-like and arn’t slow. They can infect you the traditional way of either biting or scratching, but if any of their blood gets in your eye, wound or any opening to your insides you can become infected.

In a series of events the infection is released when…are ready for this…when a bunch of animal conversationalists try to free a monkey that’s infected with the “rage” virus. The monkey then infects one of the hippies (beats getting shit flung into your face), then the infected hippie attacks everybody in the room, even the scientist that warns them about the monkey, smooth move dipshit. The trailer is badass by itself

The movie is bloody good and it has it’s moments where shit puts you on the edge of your seat and have you white knuckle tight. The movie has it’s share of fan-dom. There’s even a graphic novel that finishes up the movie and it’s sequel.

1.House of 1000 Corpses.


Rob Zombie. Rob Zombie has got to be one of the greatest directors amongst this generation. House of 1000 corpses is just fucking lovely, and I love me some gore and violence. Sid Haig, Sheri Moon Zombie, Bill Mosely and my favorite Walter Phelan. The movie revolves around four people who trying to survive the Firefly Family. One of the most fucked up families around. Like rednecks can’t compare to how crazy they are.

Now with horror aside…this is one hellva funny movie. In order to enjoy a horror movie you have to have a great sense of humor both dark and light. Capetian Spaulding (being played by Sid Haig) has got to be one of the most twisted and funniest clowns I have ever seen. And the evil fucking Clown from It isn’t scare he’s just stupid looking. Captian Spaulding has that feeling like he could have been real or atleast a clown out there could have been this crazy. The beginning of the movie is just awesome

I suggest that you watch this movie right now! If that beginning part didn’t get you into the movie then you can just go to hell because that was the best damn before-credit-scene ever. Well not ever because Zombieland has that title.


Halo3:ODST Game Review.

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TIme to take back the city.

TIme to take back the city.

When you think of Halo you get the image of Master Chief in your head. Now that’s for everything or at least a Spartan image pops into your head.

But what if your wrong about a halo instead of Master Chief your put into the shoes of an O.D.S.T. an Orbital Drops Shock Trooper. You put in the middle of the ruins that’s called New Mombasa. Your the Rookie, of course. Your dropped in the middle of Halo2, right when a Covenant ship that your suppose to drop unto (I think) then uses slipspace to another Halo ring. The ship causes an explosion on large proportions and throws you and your team off course and into hell. After all that’s what ODST’s are called,”Hell Jumpers” they jump right into a hell zone. On arrival you find yourself stuck in your pod. This is the looking tutorial for the camera. You press the buttons to eject after that you find a health pack. A little bit into the game you find out that you have an entire city to explore. And what would a Halo game be without The Covenant forces to give you a challenge.

As You progress through the game you have to find your lost team mates who are lost as well, but it’s nothing as to finding them then you have a party kinda deal it’s more in the Flashbacks when you find their equipment that’s been left behind. That’s right your playing detective and along the way you can find audiofiles of a women.You get a new feature it’s a visor that helps you out. It helps you find enemies, audio files and the such.

I find that the mixture of flashbacks of the other ODSTs is just a great way of story telling. In these flashback I kinda felt that they do have personalities and they aren’t just ODSTs they’re human.

During these flashbacks you find yourself placed in different parts of the city helping out marines fight against the Covenant forces. Every soilder has a story and at the end they all collide. It’s a great way of telling the stories and having good gameplay. Also you have a great actor Nathan Fillion playing voicing an ODST.

Now I have one problem with the Covenant forces you fight. The Brute forces arn’t really suppose to be there just yet, you still have to fight against The Elites before Brute, you see none of the Elites, just their dead bodies.

I really can’t find anything really wrong about it. Infact this is a contestant for My game of the year Awards. If you have played Halo:Combat Evolved and remember the health packs you needed in it then you have the same problem here, finding the fuckers aren’t all that difficult! You get a new enemy as well, the engineers become weapons this time around, they give the covenant forces extra shield strength. The game has much to offer this time around. It started out as a quick download off the Xbox live market place to a full fledged game that has greatness in it’s very soul. It’s a new twist to a great game series. Halo was getting old, but now it’s been refreshed. I thank Bungie for giving Halo another couple of games before they suppository stop the Halo making and cranking out new stuff.

Bungie I belive that you have not giving up on Halo, not because of the money, but really for the greatness you still have to offer the world. That and your still rising up in the world, I know about the Seven Steps. Trust me Bungie, I know.

District 9 review *Spoilers. You have been Warned.*

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We not alone anymore...

We not alone anymore...

Today I watched the long awaited movie District 9. At first glance at the movie you may think that it’s a documentary about a ongoing war in Africa, up til the part where you see an alien-crustacean person being interrogated or the Giant alien space ship over the city of Johannesburg. The story is something that I’ve seen before, but it’s almost entirely new way of story telling. The entire movie looking like a Documentary that follows MNU and a newly promoted employee Wilkus Van De Merwe, but the recording stops when Wilkus goes home. Wilkus is Married to his bosses daughter Tania. When asked about Wilkus his wife says that he is a kind man and would never betray anybody, he’s a sweetheart. And during his interview you can tell that Wilkus is a nice and goofy kind of guy. While on his job to get some of the prawn to sign a paper for their evictions to District 10 things go crazy. You will see the living habits of the Prawn; the aliens. The inhabitants that live around District 9 are becoming tired and aggravated about the aliens and you will see from news bulletins and clips that a war almost started. But a gang takes the aliens for fools and use them as ways to get money and a way to get weapons. That and human prostitution (yeah the gang sells women are whores for the Prawn…what the fuck?).

As we follow Wilkus on his job we meet Christopher, a Prawn scientist or engineer. Christopher, his son and his buddy are rummaging through garbage when the stumble upon a container of sorts and it contains “The Fluid” which is both a mutagen and fuel for the hidden Control Module. Then you get a chance to see some cool alien lab made by everyday appliance. Right when Christopher places the fluid in a sliver canister Wilkus interrupts Christopher and company, so Christopher asks his bud to hide “The Fluid” some where. That some where being a dilapidated toolbox. When Christopher tells his bud to answer the door and be polite. When the prawn answers the door and is asked to sign a paper agreeing that he’s going with the eviction an to be sent to District 10. Wilkus then goes inside the house and starts to go through everything, then he finds the silver canister and gets sprayed with the fluid. He wipes it off then goes around the hous to find alot of alien weapons which is when Christopher’s bud goes apeshit and throws Wilkus which breaks his arm and his sercurity guard into the side of the house. Then a miliatry “cowboy” (which Wilkus says when he’s promoted) comes over and ends Christopher’s friend’s life with a bullet. Wilkus gets back on his feet by a trainee that was with him.

As the movie goes on you’ll see Wilkus becomes sick and passes out at his house during his promotion party. While in a hospital the cast comes off Wilkus’s arm and his hand is like those of the Prawn. Soon his apprehended by MNU and is tested on by them. The alien weapons can only be used by the aliens because of thier genetic code and since Wilkus’s genes are changing, he is used to shoot the weapons and all targets are pigs, but the last one is a Prawn. He escapes by breaking free of his restrains before his heart was cut out. Then the movie begins to become more gorey and awesome.

When I was watching the movie I really got into it and every character that you encounter is just so lively and you feel like these are really people and they are alive. The way the characters were made were magnificent. Wilkus did seem like a lovable character and so did all of the Prawn. The CG was spectacular and something that not many movies can replicate. The location and build up of the story was great and the jokes are funny. There’s a part where Wilkus is in a Bio-suit and and uses his gravity gun to pick up a pig and shoots it at solider. The movie is just beautiful and it’s like many of Peter Jackson films, it’s wonderful and Neil Blomkamp’s original film that was the precursor to District 9; Alive in Joburg.

I have to say the whole movie is a masterpeice that only happens once in a few years. If your not going into the movie with an open mind then I guess you can’t really feel the greatness of the movie. I went in with an open mind and thought of the possibilies that came with the movie and the movie didn’t fail me. Infact I think this movie might be my number one movie replacement. The hype for this movie is far from what past movies have done, look around some cities and you’ll see posters stating that if your non-human then GTFO, theres a website and even a telephone number that you can call. If you hate alien movies then yeah dont see this movie. But if you want to see something out of the ordinary and better than everything else in theaters then deffinitaly see District 9. I give District 9: 5 zoidburgs out of 5.

District 9

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I just got back from the movie theater and finished watching the new movie District 9. All I have to say that is was amazing and it is something that has not been made for awhile and by awhile I mean never. During the movie you must have an open mind for the entire movie. I will have a Review later on today or tomorrow.

Fallout3 DLC: Mothership Zeta review.

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Fallout 3 has some great DLC  like Broken Steel, Operation:Anchorage, The Pitt, Point Lookout and on August 3rd Mothership Zeta was released. Mothership Zeta pits you against alien invaders in SPAAAAAACE!

In the game you get a message like any other DLC in the game. The message says that theres a radio broadcast from a becon ship that has crash landed in the Capital Wasteland. When you get to the crashed spaceship that includes an alien corpse, that doesn’t matter because soon; mere seconds actually. A tractor beam has you in it’s clutches. You wake up to aliens standing over you talking in alien possibly about their how their day was, what was the funniest probe that day, what abductie gave a good fight, how are the wife and kids; shit like that. Then you get a good probing, most likely anual.

So then you wake up and find that your in a cell half naked talking to some chick named Somah. Then you find yourself and Somah going on a short adventure. Which soon you meet a little girl, Sally. Sally has ventured through the ship before and is useful when needing a door to be open. Soon you stumble upon four cryostasis tubes. They contain a Cowboy, a Samurai, a Medic and a dead astronaut.  These guys will not be following you through most of your missions. Unlike other of the DLCs theres only one goal. To get the fuck off the spaceship.

Don't wanna fuck with him...he's a samurai

Don't wanna fuck with him...he's a samurai

While destroying pointless crap on the ship, I seen alot of movie references in the DLC. When I first seen the Abomination which was a human alien hybrid, it pointed it’s finger at me and screamed. At first I thought it seen something scary behind my back, but this is a reference to Invasion of the Bodysnacthers. In the movie when a clone noticed that somebody wasn’t a clone they’d point their finger at that said person and do a scream or hiss. The abominations were pretty interesting given the fact they were just fat aliens with scaly human skin.

Further unto the game I noticed that if I kill a alien mechanic I lose good Karma…but I kept on killing them because they probed me. The whole feel to the spaceship has a very 40’s/50’s feel to which in terms matches up to the entire game. The death ray is another refrence to many classical movies.

While the DLC has some fun to it and gives you many great weapons it lacks somethings. It lacks new missions like in point lookout you get alot of diffrent missions to do. In Mothership Zeta you can only do one mission that in all kinda one thing. Save Earth and kill off the aliens on the ship then get back to Earth. Nothing else to do then just kill everybody on the ship…well I’ll do that if I get really fed up with being bored.Mothership Zeta felt like a short story which does sadden me because this could have been more then a rescue mission and then some. If they had a mission that would send my ship to another planet and then destroy the planet then I’d be pleased, but sadly Bethesda just doesn’t like to deliver greatness.

The guns are awesome, but there are a few flaws. With the disintergration ray the aim sucks. With the drone gun the distance when fired it’s like firing Glibert Grape out of a cannon; it doesn’t go very far, but the explosion is nice. the Shock Baton…well it just shocks.

The DLC does have some funny moments. Like when your in a cryostasis lab and when you push the button you get a treat. The aliens infront of you are working on some frozen corpses, then they begin to be frozen, but before they freeze to death one of them puts him hands on the window and begs for mercy. I cracked up at that point. In another part after destroying a generator you can watch your teamates decide on what to do with an alien hostage, the alien once again pleas for mecry while crying. Then the vengeful cowboy shoots the fuck out of the little green asshat. I laughed again.

Seeing that this DLC is very fun and you get your own spaceship at the end of it all . OMFG yes I stop giving a Shit it’s that awesome that I will ruin it for you! Rumors are that there are more DLC on the way. I want a DLC were you go to Alantic city, kill some old people then go to an underwater city filled with fish people, no really that would be awesome. If you have spare 20 dollars, own Fallout 3 and have xboxlive I suggest that you buy this DLC and kill some Aliens then drink a beer in your new kickass Gemini Spacesuit. I give this DLC a 4 anal probes out of 5.

No really you look badass in that!

No really you look badass in that!