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Avatar Review

Posted in Lectures, Movies, news, Old memories with tags , , , , , on 01/13/2010 by Titus

Over my break I seen just one of THE best movies of all time. James Cameron’s Avatar has been in the works and hyped up to be one hell of a film. Both hype and the wait paid off. With the available CGI and with the enormous amount of money given, James Cameron brought his fantastic imagination to life! Avatar, in a sick way is a furry’s wetdream. And in an awesome way, is a beautiful masterpiece that is up there in the big leagues of movies.

The Titanic was great, I will admit that Cameron did his best on it, But With Avatar…He has made me ignore that fact that it resembles Dances with Wolves and has given me a great movie to never stop watching. With movies now an’ days they’re mostly CGI and of course special effects, a great example is Transformers….which was purely just CGI crap, but with Avatar, just about everything is CGI and it’s been done professionally and beautifully. Everything from the the Marines,Navi and creatures have a certain spirit to them. The creatures are terrifying and interesting. The Navi are huge and some of their women are kinda sexy, but of course they’re suppose to look like that, James Cameron said so…in an interview. When he said that it’ll be in 3d and it will be awesome, he wasn’t shitting us, I felt like I was there in the movie watching this shit happened. Also the movie has a theme to it other than being awesome and a landmark in movie history. It has the theme of preserving wildlife and nature. Also that war is not the answer to everything and that somethings aren’t able to be moved. So that’s an Anti-War and a Nature messages in a movie.

"Hey Im the gardener, where's the tree that needs trimming?"

"Im the gardener, so uhh where's those bushes that need trimming?"

The story goes like this, crippled from waist down ex marine, Jake Sully is asked to take his brother’s place on Pandora, the planet which the story takes place. When he gets there he sees the beauty and enormous size of the machines the humans brought with them and that the Navi aren’t afraid of attacking the machines. He then meets up with Dr. Augustine, who is the leader of the Avatar program. Avatars are both Navi and Human, mixed DNA. Jake and other marines that are signed for the Avatar program are mentally linked to their own Avatars, since their avatars have their DNA.
While on a trip with Dr. Augustine in her Avatar and Norman Spellman, the dorky type that later gets jealous with Jake when he gains the Navi’s trust. Jake soon meet a very pissed off looking tiger/panther/black mamba creature, it chases him, he jumps off a water fall then he walks into the jungle meets these wolves/jackals/leathery dogs that almost kill him, but a Navi warrior, Neytiri, who is hot (dont judge me). He asks her to train him in the ways of the Navi and from then on the movie goes into a deep and great chain of events. The planet’s air is deadly to humans, except the Col. Quaritch, who can somehow can kick down an air lock door, breath the deadly air for a minute and survive. It takes 20 something seconds to become unconscious, and 4 minutes after you’ll die. Also he’s ripped to the max, and he’s 53. I added him to my list of villains that are awesome and hard to kill.

We solute you Colonel.

The 3d will make you forgive the movie for it’s very menial flaws. If you see it in 2d then your really missing out on this spectacle of cinema. Movie CGI has come along way from amazing the audience. I remember when I watched King Kong as a kid and said “Holy shite this is kickass.” then when I watched the remake of Kong I jizzed my pants and said that movie CGI couldn’t get better than this, but I was Wrong. Avatar’s story, CGI, and all the hype and mystery that I had about the movie after a lot of people seen it in Comic-con. A lot of directors take CGI for granted *cough* Micheal Bay*cough* and make a movie that is just lacking the magic that Avatar has. This movie is great and shouldn’t be passed up, it’s something that only happens once in awhile so, take some friends. Take a date, because during the movie there are a lot of scenes that tugged my heartstrings. James Cameron isn’t fucking around anymore, but then again when wasn’t he? From Terminator to Avatar, Cameron has made his mark in the Cinema community and by god he has My vote for president. I give Avatar a 5 out of 5.