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Book of Eli Review

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Pictured above: Awesome

The book of Eli takes place on the west coast of the post apocoylptic wasteland known now as America. Eli is the main character of the story. He carries a book that is the only of it’s kind since the War.¬†The book holds the ability to save this wasteland and to rebuild the country, but only if it’s in the right hands. Yeah spoiler alert its a fucking bible, but like I said. Its The Last Bible in the World. They dont give much info about who we were at war with, but whoever they are they destroyed ever single bible, except that one, but because it was hidden under rubble.

The year is 2043 and Eli (whose name we find out later in the movie) has been literally asked by god to deliver the book to the location in which mankind is being restored and so is civilization. Eli, who is a complete stranger to us, is well gifted in almost every sense and in combat and firearms. So this movie insures the best action and best violence that a rated-R film can deliver. The movie is a drama/action flick that does the job right.

Much like any other post-apocalyptic world; you can see the destruction that the many nuclear winters have brought upon the landscape after the nuclear destruction to most of the world. So after many of the people who were put underground until the world was cleared, got out and started to rebuild they faced some complications such as
-and much more
But this world isn’t like most of the movies, there isn’t zombies, monsters or anything out of the ordinary. It does have raiders and cannibals, but nothing mutated or horrific. So basically the movies is very down to earth in that sense of realism other than God talking, that’s just crazy.

Soon after witnessing a raping and a murder, Eli goes to a town to get his battery and ipod recharged. He sees the raiders that raped and murder that woman and her man. He goes across the street to get his canteen refilled and to deliver some holy mother of god asskicking to most of the people in the bar, because they wanted some of Eli as well. Soon the man who owns the town, Carnegie, wants to find the Bible and use it as a weapon and a force to rule over the town and many more of the people in the area. He soon discovers that Eli just killed the shit out of the guys in the bar and wanted to use Eli as a weapon of force to expand his little town, Eli denies, even when¬†Carnegie sends his lover’s daughter, Solara, to seduce him, but as a man of god Eli denies it. Then afterward a war for the book starts.

The story is very unique, but very menial plot holes are here and there, but in order to get rid of them you have to use your mind and smarts. at first when I seen the trailer for the movie I thought to myself that it was basically Fallout the movie and I wasn’t very far from the truth. The script was written very well and that the badies of the movie were very pissed and evil that they lose a few guys just to get a book. Also Denzel also did a great job playing a religious badass. He did all his combat stunts and Eli was very loyal to the bible and did almost everything to keep it away from Carnegie and his men, who are illiterate.

The movie has some great explosions and violence, but it’s not on the gore level of Fallout or many action movies, its realistic and that’s what gives it its charm. The bleak and destroyed world is interesting and almost seems real. The movie itself has about two or three boring parts, but never stops with the intriguing dialog or Eli’s awesome ability to kick alot of ass. The ending though isn’t that bad, but almost leaves you wondering on if there should or shouldn’t be a sequel. The movie also reminded me of another post apocalyptic movie, A boy and His Dog. If you have not seen it yet and you love apocalyptic movies then you should check out both movies. I give the Book of Eli 3 1/2 cannibals out of 5.