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wrong vampire

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wrong vampire

As I was scrolling through best buy I stumbled upon the many great vampire movies that have been made. Then I see twilight. I wanted to laugh if i weren’t so baffled by this undescribable anger over the fact that twilight is in the horror section. I got more and more anger as the thought that what vampire started from are now becoming these not so threating man-ginas. Google image Nosferatu. That’s what vampires should be like, scary as hell. Not loving and other stupid shit. Also, bestbuy has a good sense of humor, they also had the hills in the horror section.


First comic evar!

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Honestly if it wasnt for photoshop I could have never really done this. I know that I actually could have done this quicker and better in illistrator, but the whole photoshop 30 day trail thing was really nice and I might as well us up the days I’ve got left with it. Also, I love both of my consles very much, it’s just my wii I fuckin hate. I just need to do¬† something really quick and to see if it will work on this blog. And to my surprise it does! Expect more comics. F.Y.I the ps3 is crying because I am playing my xbox instead of it.