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Gorillaz Plastic Beach review.

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Holy fuck where have I been. Well to a stupid question Ima give you a stupid answer:iguana. I digress, I’ve been having the case of the-fuck-its even when I was writing up the review for Dante’s Inferno and gave up midway. I was tired, nothing was to talk about, until one of the most innovative bands, one of the best bands in the world gave news to anew album.
Gorillaz caught my eye while I was skimming around itunes low on credits, nothing to buy for 34 cents but then I notice something with Gorillaz on it, I clicked it to find out that Plastic Beach, the 3rd Kong studio album, was going to be released in…in a couple of Week! I got my jar of loose change, cashed it in for bills then got and Itune’s card (Im cheap) then began to wait. March 8th was killing me with wait.  There I sat in my desk chair swirling around like child waiting for Santa Clause to come through my fucking chimney. I facebooked it and even myspaced it in excitement (that’s what kids do these days when they’re excited right) anyway, 12:03Am March 9th, very early in the morning I refreshed my itunes to find the album was released! I clicked it and instantly it downloaded, I was disappointed since I clicked preorder and it didn’t, but I still got Gorillaz Plastic Beach deluxe itunes edition so while listening to the album for the 3rd time, I will write the review of the album!

Being a fan of the Gorillaz since their first album I’ve been use to the music and the ever changing story arc. Yes theres a story behind the characters in fact there’s a damn book that came out 2006. They have amazed me as a kid and now a a semi-man I fully understand the lyrics and the more adult things about the Gorillaz. Their first Album blew my mind even though it came out with a G-Sides which really is just the extras that should have been stuffed unto the first album. But in 2005 a greater album came out; Demon Days. This proved to be a pinacle in the Virtual band’s music career. The album put out song’s like Feel Good Inc. and Dare. The band even won some awards and held an entire concert in the Manchester Opera house. Still many of people didn’t understand the beauty of it all. Demon Days pulled me in and changed my life. Then a three or two silence sadden me once again, but D-Sides was released. This could have been a different or completely new album itself, but it resmebled more of Demon Days since Dare and People sounded alike (because they were the same beat) yet many of the other songs were different. Then a three year silence again, but Plastic Beach was revealed and happy Gorillaz with thier nike shoes were held together when the news was said.

Plastic Beach offers a new story and feel of it all. After the El Manana incident Noodle’s absence was missed and a cyborg was constructed by Murdoc, but instead of being herself she had no personality. In short she likes Twilight and Robert Patterson and thinks of them as Icons, old Noodle called them false icons. After Murdoc kidnaps 2D and Russel chases after Murdoc to Plastic Island, there a new part of the story begins. The music, to me, feels like something that I can dance and relax to. I often find myself dancing during class, well just bopping my head up and down and moving my feet around. Gorillaz are known for continuously having famous musicians help out with their music and so they have two songs with Mos Def and the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and strange enough, Snoop Dogg. The rest are done by many other rappers who have done songs in Demon Days and their first album like Del. If you have the deluxe edition or (by some chance) the Japanese edition you get a load of awesome shit that you should be proud to have, extra songs, which, are only orchestra music, but damn it, it’s the Gorillaz.

Out of the 18 (deluxe) songs of Plastic Beach I have at least 11 favorite songs already. The real ones that stick out of the nice and beautiful music  have got to be Superfast Jellyfish, Some Kind of Nature and Glitter Freeze. Like said about the deluxe edition, you get extra crap that’s worth it. You get the Stylo music video in HD which stars Bruce Willis (Hero) and a pair of Gorillaz that look handsomely beautiful and older, which, if your a fan or good at paying attention, can see that Jamie Hewlett wants to keep this band organically digtal and up to date.

Plastic Island is something that can ship you away to another world once you get use to the ‘Gorillaz in a happy mood’. See what I did there? For those who see it in a store and that curious feeling happens to you then I say that you should pick this, Demon Days and the self-titled album to get entirely use to it all and so that you can see the evolution of the band. But if you can only afford one, then pick up Plastic Island, you will not regret this island resort’s waters. I give this Album 5 Stars out of 5. Bless you all


You say you want a revolution? Well here you go.

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Abbey road.

Today is the day in which The Beatles are celebrated. 9-9-09 must be a special day for everybody, but today Im really happy for today The Beatles rock band comes out and kids who are younger than my age and kids who are older than I, can play this game and experince the beautiful music that was a revolution of our parents.

I was a sore and rash child when it came to old music, but when my mom left my family I start to bond with my dad as I kept growing I noticed something. The Beatles are in everything that I love, even in metal. The Beatles are the greatest band of all time. I can say that Metallica can go fuck themselves, All the bands today can go fuck themselves. I will take it back because mostly every band is influenced by The Beatles. If your music is not influenced by The Beatles then that’s not music, thats nothing even close to music.

I love The Beatles, I’ve met people who are against The Beatles, but hey that’s their opinion not mine or the millions of others. I think that if you don’t like The Beatles, give The Beatles a listen. Give it a try dont hate them and call them false rock, how can they be false when they’ve effected the world. I’m happy as hell today.

I will tell you my top Beatles Songs.

  • Let It Be.
  • Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
  • With A little Help From My Friends.
  • Revolution.
  • A Day In The Life.
  • Come Together.
  • Dear Prudence.
  • Yellow Submarine.
  • Got To Get You Into My Life.
  • Hey Jude.

Now my list can be mixed up, changed around, but the matter still remains. I love The Beatles. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrason and Ringo Starr are musical Genuises. I love my dad for getting me into The Beatles.

I can tell you that the game is already good in fact really fucking Wonderful. The game was basically put in motion by the son of George Harrison if Im correct. The game take you through the fab four’s band life from The Caverns to the Apple-Records Building. Take a guess  on what the last song is. I’ll wait… the song is….End. Yup, what a way to go with the song that’s called End. And no the game doesn’t take you through the solo careers of the band members. If it did Im sure that the game rating would be changed to a possible T.

The Beatles have put out alot of albums and today you can own all of those albums. If you have a spare 200.00 dollars on you and want to give The Beatles a listen then get that box set. Im still just going to by the albums seperate from the box unless the box set drops to a price of 28.00 or something below 100 dollars then I’ll buy it.

Well I just want to say that The Beatles cause a revolution. They made movies, they have movies made about them and thier songs. Check out Across the universe, the movie is just great. Dont check out the movie called Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band, that features the Beegee’s and remakes The Beatles’s songs into disco songs *shudder*. When The Beatles broke up we didn’t lose the band. We still have the band that reaches across the universe. The Beatles broke up, but we got solos that still affected the world. We had John Lennon, who still made a big diffrence in the world. Paul McCartney made Wings, a band that made a couple of songs that I like. Ringo Starr starred in a movie. George Harrison was still being badass.

We didn’t lose the music, but we did lose the men behind the music. George Harrison died of cancer, personally I like George. Him and Paul. Then we have the most tragic news that ever happend, John Lennon was shot and killed. He was going solo and had a song and movie called Imagine. He married Yoko Ono, Im getting into her backround, hate her abit. And he had a son, Sean Lennon. He left us too soon.

The music has influence everybody from school girls to hippies to kid of this generation. You can be as high as a kite and get what The Beatles are trying to say. Given that being high as a kite and listening to Helter Skelter isn’t a good idea, here’s a little known fact. Charles Manson, listened to Helter Skelter alot. I mean he listened to it backwards and found messages in there, well then again he did carve a swastica in his forehead.

Back to the main part before the whole Charles Manson thing. You can be either high as a kite or down on the ground to understand what The Beatles mean. To listen to The Beatles you don’t have to be in the time of free love and Richard Nixon. You can be here and now in the present to be with the past. The Beatles to me are the greatest band in the world, their music are an inspiration to millions and nobody is better than The Beatles. All genre of music can be afflicted by them, but can’t be better. I mean they have a great ass cartoon made after a fucking great song. Look for the movie The Yellow Submarine.

The Beatles are the ones that gave our parents happiness when high and not high. They gave me music to know that there is still love in the world and it’s still going strong. When I listen to Hey Jude I cry a little because it’s such a wonderful song and it reminds me of the good times in my life. When I listen to A Day In The Life I feel like Im on a drug trip just with out the effects of losing my mind. When I listen to Revolution I feel empowered and want to move forward with no stop.

The Beatles. Rock that will never stop making it’s mark in the world. Rock that is a revolution to the universe.

Happy Woodstock everybody.

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this is just a small picture, fyi it was ten times bigger than what's shown

this is just a small picture, fyi it was ten times bigger than what's shown

Today is a very very great day. Today is the day the greatest concert ever happened, Woodstock happened. Now this happened in 1969. And I wish I was around back then, but luckly my dad, mom, step-grandma, step-grandpa were around, but sadly they didn’t go to it. I’m too old for my age, I feel like a 50 year old stuck in a 15 year old’s body and miss everything and I mean everything from the 60’s,70’s. Everything now an’ days is just shit I mean our generation have alot of great gadgets, movies and I guess music. But if I were to go back in time to the point of Woodstock I’d fit in.

Woodstock can never and I mean NEVER be replicated. The great rockers of the 60’s and 70’s were there performing and the size was just indescribable. There was just so much love with everybody back then, I’m sure that if we tried to pull off a Woodstock then it’d end up with mosh pits, gun fights and more than two deaths. They had Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, The Who and more. All of the bands that played there added to the love of the ending 60’s and early 70’s. Universal love was something that we need today, but sadly you can’t beat the revolution that was the 60’s. I was raised listening to music from the 60’s and 70’s so in a way I’m a modern 60’s child. Except I dont smoke pot. I’m proud that I listen to The Beatles, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Frank Zappa and Led Zeppelin. I must have been a hippie in my past life because not every body now an days listen to The Beatles or Janis Joplin anymore. Those years were something that live on and will not die. Woodstock will go and grow in My Generation and so on into the future.

400,000 people and no violence, just mud. Peace, love and music was all one thing that brought a generation together for a revolution, for one love, for Woodstock.