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I awaken from my slumber.

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on 01/10/2010 by Titus

As the seas begin to part, a form that is of a malevolent force that is from which man once peered eyes upon glistens into the same said eyes. A crimson wave of water washes unto the port. A giant claw rises out from behind the wave and crashes down onto the street. A giant beast from an era of creatures unknown emerges from the sea, it smashes a small bus full of children and chews on it then hocks it up. Soon it’s eyes begin to bleed, it cries out in pain. Soon it slumps over and crashes into the port. Movement can be heard within. I begin to climb my way out of the beast. It appears that I’ve been away too long and my submarine has been eaten by the beast. Good thing for me I’ve got immunities.
Hello, Titus is back for more blogging and more crazy shit and more in general crap. I have two reviews ready and possibly a third if I can get the time to do so. Im ready for more lists and more videos of the weeks and weekends. I hope I can get more readers and more acknowledgments over the web. I want to offer my readers more insight on my madness. As of a few hours from now There will be a review and the next day another review. The Devious of Titus is back!