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The Batman.

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No caption needed...the picture says all.

No caption needed...the picture says all. Badass.

Every time Batman is mentioned or spoke of now an’ days we all tend to think of the new batman movies with Christan flippin’ Bale and the dead Heath Ledger. Mostly everybody goes for that movie which isn’t necessarily bad because it came out last year and it’s a Batman movie that featured an almost completely new Joker which was played by Heath Ledger who died from what I can remember after it was done shooting I think in February. Well The Dark Knight is popular from what I think is because of Heath’s performance and well him dying without him ending up in the grave I think that he would have won an award for playing The Joker, well he would have won an MTV movie award unless Twilight had came out the same year then he wouldn’t have won squat. Batman: The animated series. I loved the cartoon and the version of Batman and The Joker. Mark Hamill has made The Joker’s voice, because he made it fit, so did Kevin Conroy with Batman. Infact Kevin Conroy always does Batman’s voice in all of his cartoons and animated movies (except Justice League: A new frontier) because he’s the only voice for Batman! Batman never really did stay in the present, in Batman Beyond it takes place in the future and with a new Batman. Bruce Wayne is old and grumpy, so new kid comes along and takes on a new Batman suit to take on a myriad of villains of the future.

But every time I think of Batman I think of the cartoon that I watched when I was little, not the Justice League or The Super Friends. Batman The Animated Series! The one with Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as The Joker, made by Bruce Timm. I hope you know what I’m talking about:

I loved every bit of the show and the Tim Burton Movies. Everything else hasn’t been able to grab my batman related attention, I mean sure the last two Batman movie have been great and able to build it’s own sort of version of Batman, but to me the Tim Burton and Bruce Timm’s version of Batman has been more appealing and better then Chris Nolan’s Batman. Not to Mention, all of Bruce Timm’s Batman villains were ALOT better than what anybody else made. Sadly for Nolan he can’t make all of the Batman villains. Nolan made his Batman more realistic, so no Clayface, Bayne, Poison Ivy, the Penguin or Killer Croc. Even his side kicks Batgirl and Robin can’t be put into Nolan’s films, so he kinda fucked himself over with that decision.

With all of the cartoons recently made like The Batman or Batman, The Brave and The Bold and the dvd only release Batman: Gotham Knight. It’s hard for kids to see which Bat is Batman. Of course I’m going to say “Hey everybody if you wanna know the real Batman then watch Batman: The Animated Series and The New adventures of Batman (which features Superman, but he wears his underwear on his outside). But this time all I can say is that Batman can take on many, many, many styles and even if  he’s dead…no really he’s dead in the comics, don’t belive me look it up! Back to what I was saying, all of the cartoons and movies that feature Batman is all you need to see who is the Gotham Knight, the Dark Knight, Batman!

BTW, There’s a new game coming out. Batman Arkham Asylum. I just played the Demo and it’s freakin’ Emoeswa! So if you have one of the next gen. consoles and enough money in your wallet for a new game, pick it up on the 25th.

I am the knight!


Fallout3 DLC: Mothership Zeta review.

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Fallout 3 has some great DLC  like Broken Steel, Operation:Anchorage, The Pitt, Point Lookout and on August 3rd Mothership Zeta was released. Mothership Zeta pits you against alien invaders in SPAAAAAACE!

In the game you get a message like any other DLC in the game. The message says that theres a radio broadcast from a becon ship that has crash landed in the Capital Wasteland. When you get to the crashed spaceship that includes an alien corpse, that doesn’t matter because soon; mere seconds actually. A tractor beam has you in it’s clutches. You wake up to aliens standing over you talking in alien possibly about their how their day was, what was the funniest probe that day, what abductie gave a good fight, how are the wife and kids; shit like that. Then you get a good probing, most likely anual.

So then you wake up and find that your in a cell half naked talking to some chick named Somah. Then you find yourself and Somah going on a short adventure. Which soon you meet a little girl, Sally. Sally has ventured through the ship before and is useful when needing a door to be open. Soon you stumble upon four cryostasis tubes. They contain a Cowboy, a Samurai, a Medic and a dead astronaut.  These guys will not be following you through most of your missions. Unlike other of the DLCs theres only one goal. To get the fuck off the spaceship.

Don't wanna fuck with him...he's a samurai

Don't wanna fuck with him...he's a samurai

While destroying pointless crap on the ship, I seen alot of movie references in the DLC. When I first seen the Abomination which was a human alien hybrid, it pointed it’s finger at me and screamed. At first I thought it seen something scary behind my back, but this is a reference to Invasion of the Bodysnacthers. In the movie when a clone noticed that somebody wasn’t a clone they’d point their finger at that said person and do a scream or hiss. The abominations were pretty interesting given the fact they were just fat aliens with scaly human skin.

Further unto the game I noticed that if I kill a alien mechanic I lose good Karma…but I kept on killing them because they probed me. The whole feel to the spaceship has a very 40’s/50’s feel to which in terms matches up to the entire game. The death ray is another refrence to many classical movies.

While the DLC has some fun to it and gives you many great weapons it lacks somethings. It lacks new missions like in point lookout you get alot of diffrent missions to do. In Mothership Zeta you can only do one mission that in all kinda one thing. Save Earth and kill off the aliens on the ship then get back to Earth. Nothing else to do then just kill everybody on the ship…well I’ll do that if I get really fed up with being bored.Mothership Zeta felt like a short story which does sadden me because this could have been more then a rescue mission and then some. If they had a mission that would send my ship to another planet and then destroy the planet then I’d be pleased, but sadly Bethesda just doesn’t like to deliver greatness.

The guns are awesome, but there are a few flaws. With the disintergration ray the aim sucks. With the drone gun the distance when fired it’s like firing Glibert Grape out of a cannon; it doesn’t go very far, but the explosion is nice. the Shock Baton…well it just shocks.

The DLC does have some funny moments. Like when your in a cryostasis lab and when you push the button you get a treat. The aliens infront of you are working on some frozen corpses, then they begin to be frozen, but before they freeze to death one of them puts him hands on the window and begs for mercy. I cracked up at that point. In another part after destroying a generator you can watch your teamates decide on what to do with an alien hostage, the alien once again pleas for mecry while crying. Then the vengeful cowboy shoots the fuck out of the little green asshat. I laughed again.

Seeing that this DLC is very fun and you get your own spaceship at the end of it all . OMFG yes I stop giving a Shit it’s that awesome that I will ruin it for you! Rumors are that there are more DLC on the way. I want a DLC were you go to Alantic city, kill some old people then go to an underwater city filled with fish people, no really that would be awesome. If you have spare 20 dollars, own Fallout 3 and have xboxlive I suggest that you buy this DLC and kill some Aliens then drink a beer in your new kickass Gemini Spacesuit. I give this DLC a 4 anal probes out of 5.

No really you look badass in that!

No really you look badass in that!

A twilight MMO? Oh shit…

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While going through there was a hilarious article about something that I thought was just a joke you, know a haha kinda thing, but further into the rabbit hole I got, the scarier shit got. Apparently due to the popularity of the movie Twilight *shivers* has gotten so popular that there was disturbing news about an MMO in the works. A MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER ONLINE game. You know the games like World Of Warcraft, City of Heroes and City of Villains. Now think about all of those people who like those popular games…now pit them against the growing amounts of Twilight fans. That’s not Bueno. I’m not trying to sound like an ass, but isn’t Twilight for people with vaginas and almost no idea on what makes a vampire, a bloodsucking vampire?

If you know a person who plays WoW alot and who they talk about it, they sound like a geek. Now imagine a girl that read all of the Twilight books and plays the MMO. That’s almost out the fuckin’ ordinary. The lingo may not even change. I’m not bashing on Twilight freaks because some of my friends are and one of them dragged me to see the first and she’s going to drag me to all of them. But the only thing that really pissed ,me is the whole book->movie->possible MMO. Many books get this kinda treatment, like the Conan books….I can’t think any other at this point.

The good thing is it’s not official[yet]. It’s being made by some kid[s] in colledge. So if a game company, developer and/or publisher has an idea on making the abomination then get ready for the twilight gamers to start flooding the gaming world. Ever heard of Comic-con? Look up this year’s pictures and you’ll see a possibly great amounts of “Scream if you think Twilight has ruined comic-con.”  written on cardboard or paper being held by a nerd. It’s sad knowing that a book series is being tortured, but all I have to say is that Harry Potter never had it this bad.

No really, I don’t care if they’re almost two completely different things because they both happen to be watched by teens and both are books, but Harry Potter has magic and fucking Dark wizards, while The Twilight series has whacked out vampires and werewolves. Harry Potter has werewolves, but they’re kick ass, whilst Twilight has doggies. You never seen a comic-con with a geek holding up a piece of cardboard saying “Harry Potter sucks on Dumbledore’s testicles, also it ruined comic-con.”but since nothing like that happened I can say that Harry Potter is better than Twilight.

Back to the point, A twilight game is out there and it could be a threat to gamer and our community. We’ll be read for it’s arrival. I think.

inFamous Review

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Good.Evil. Hero.Infamous. You decide.

Good.Evil. Hero.Infamous. You decide.

Playstation3 hasn’t been doing so well in sales, but that doesn’t mean the games are crap…OK I lied, but that’s only for a few games, not entirely all of them are bad. The year has been pouring out games like Killzone 2 and Fallout 3, but one has been in the works almost just as long as Killzone 2. This game is Infamous, and the game is a far fetch away from it’s name, this game is a god send for the ps3. The game starts you off as Cole, a messenger that wakes up in the middle of a catastrophe (literally) and your package was the cause of it all. The package was a bomb called a ray sphere. The ray sphere basically adsorbs every person’s biological electricity and returns to the power to the source of the explosion and it’s holder, while dealing a great amount of damage. Cole had the luck of being the holder of the bomb and gaining the power of electricity and the luck of being called a terrorist, but losing that title in a mission.

Like many popular games, this game gives you a karma system. The choice to do good and become a hero of Empire city or kill many and betray the city and become Infamous. Like many games that have a karma system your decisions make up how you are physically and what color your electricity is. Red is your aiming to be evil and blue if your aiming to be good. Your body changes along with what side you are on. If your good your clothing will be white and black, but if it’s Infamy that your going for that your clothing will be black and white and your skin will have tattoos appearing on the back of Cole’s head, and his skin will be darker.

To me the game play is sort of a mixture between Assassin’s creed, Prototype and Fable. The whole game focuses on Cole trying to help out the city get rid of gangs, help citizens, police officers and restore a block’s electricity which if you do can give you better and useful powers. Traveling around the cities can be a task if your powers aren’t really upgraded to the fullest. The enemies are powerful and the game makes it seem like Cole is an every day guy that has the power over electricity. So health can be frustrating when your near death and the enemies have yo out numbered. Adsorbing electricity from the nearest energy source does give you health back, but sometimes it’s too late, which can be a problem for the game’s missions. The power’s are astonishing, when you have all of the abilities then the fun can begin. For example you can focus (snipe) an enemy and get a head shot. Another example is that you can summon a thunder storm and control it’s path with the six axis controller. There are some powers that only come when you do evil missions or good missions. Some you have to be either good or bad to get the power and it’s upgrade.

The story is something that I haven’t seen in awhile. The cutscenes are unique, the cutscenes are put in comic form, moving from panel to panel with Cole talking about whats going on after the mission. The characters are full of emotions and twists are thrown at you at parts that you’d never geuss would have them. Every boss, every character has a back story that’s intresting a might actaully make it seem like there may be a sequal to this game. The enemy varitiy are some what limited, but the A.I are smarter than you at parts. I can say that there are alot of glitches, but thats nothing an update can’t fix. I give Infamous a 4 1/2 stars out of 5. Zappidy Zap Zap.